Value-Add Real Estate Fund Criteria

Anka Value-Add Fund Targets Assets through the Following Criteria:

Financial Dislocation and Undercapitalized Assets

Anka targets real estate assets that are either not properly capitalized or could benefit from improved capital structures. Anka improves these properties by restructuring the capital stack and implementing new operational strategies for the assets. The management team believes that capital with on-the-ground development experience is better positioned to assess, manage and capitalize on these opportunities, particularly in small and middle-market transactions that frequently fall below the radar screen of larger funds and are too large for local developers/investors.

Municipal Priority

Anka leverages our team's strategic network of relationships and experience working with municipalities to solve city problems by acquiring and assisting with sites that are targeted by municipalities as redevelopment priorities. Anka seeks to acquire these sites at values reflecting their underutilized condition and creates incremental value through rezoning, increasing entitlements and securing public financial programs for these sites.

Environmental Impairment

Anka also leverages its specialized experience in working with environmentally impaired properties to acquire sites that are underserved by the capital markets due to moderate contamination or environmental distress. Anka seeks to create additional value on these sites by solving the environmental problems and through rezoning, increasing entitlements and securing financial subsidies for these sites, among other activities.

Perimeter Strategy

Anka invests in real estate that is located around the perimeter of underutilized land or buildings targeted for development or redevelopment. These perimeter properties often experience early and sustained increases in value as a result of proximity to transformational projects. As a byproduct, perimeter investments offer the opportunity to accelerate the revitalization and social sustainability of historically stigmatized communities.

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