November 2012

    • Residential Real Estate Dividend Fund III is established and holds investor closing.

June 2012

      • Anka Funds portfolio investment, SinkPositive, (, is recapitalized.

      • Anka addresses mayors at annual United States Conference of Mayors regarding Anka's neighborhood residential investment program.

April 2011

December 2011

      • Anka Funds acquires assets of Sod Pro (, the regional leader in installing sod that is both environmentally appropriate for a given climate and pays for itself. Sod Pro's sod requires less than half the water, mowing and maintenance of traditional non-climate appropriate sod. Sod Pro is also a full-service landscape company with design, hardscape and maintenance divisions.

January 2012

      • Residential Real Estate Dividend Fund II is established and holds investor closing.

      • Anka Funds' Residential Real Estate Dividend Fund I holds first investor closing.

November 2010

      • Anka Funds addresses audience on topic of Green Building and Sustainable Real Estate Strategies at University of North Carolina's Kenan-Flagler's MBA Sustainability Conference

October 2010

      • Anka Funds’ Residential Real Estate Dividend Fund I begins offering subscriptions to qualified investors to participate in an existing and growing pool of attractive, income-generating lower to middle market residential assets.

      • Anka Funds participates as featured speaker at Energy 2020: A Changing World Energy Market / Duke Fuqua School of Business Energy Symposium

September 2010

    • Anka Funds executes investment agreement with Circle Organics. Circle Organics is the exclusive marketing outlet for the largest supplier of worm castings in the world. Circle Organics offers a growing product line for commercial and retail customers, from organic fertilizers and soil amendments to school educational packages and fundraising programs. Circle Organics’ products are especially attractive because they offer higher microbial counts than other commercialized products.

June 2010

      • Anka Funds addresses U.S. mayors at the United States Conference of Mayors' Council for the New American City in Oklahoma City, OK.

      • Anka Funds to serve as administrator of U.S. Energy Efficient Lighting Fund, a program to accelerate the adoption of LED lighting by providing the upfront capital and expertise for energy efficient lighting transactions to governments and public and private organizations around the world. For more info:

      • Anka Funds featured in U.S. Mayor, the official newspaper of the United States Conference of Mayors, June 28, 2010 (Vol. 77, Issue 11)

August 2010

      • Anka Funds executes agreement with EarthStone. EarthStone is a sustainable manufacturer of elegant granite and marble pavers and interior flooring products made from recycled countertops.

July 2010

      • Anka Funds addresses audience as guest speaker at the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School Conference’s Real Estate Panel.

May 2010

      • Anka Funds executes partnership agreement with key industry leader to grow and expand Anka's LED lighting programs.

      • Anka Funds begin acquiring attractively priced, income-generating residential real estate targeting smaller transaction sizes of single, mini-bulk and bulk residential opportunities.

April 2010

      • Anka Funds speaks at opening night panel entitled "Learning from Thought Leaders: Multi-Stakeholder Panel on Where Collaboration On Next Generation Resources Can Take Us" for The New Way to Define Green Executive Forum, hosted by the Institute for Construction and the Environment (IBU)/The Green Standard.

March 2010

      • The United States Conference of Mayors, the official organization of mayors in the U.S., and Anka Funds execute agreement to create a unique joint initiative to service America's cities by blending Anka's financing, creativity and expertise to produce both environmentally focused and economically friendly solutions for cities, residents and stakeholders.

February 2010

      • Anka Funds invests in Pleasant Green Grass, a company offering residential and commercial customers a common sense suite of innovative proprietary organic lawn and garden care services and products that produce nontoxic, robust-growth environments that are safe and sustainable for their customers, the surrounding communities and the planet.

December 2009

      • Anka Funds formalizes Anka Sustainable Distribution Company to accelerate the sales and distribution of environmentally and socially sustainable products and services.

      • Anka Funds speaks at Duke Asset Management Symposium.

      • Anka Funds judges Pitch Day for the Business Accelerator for Sustainable Enterprise.

October 2009

      • Anka Funds establishes Anka Lighting Finance Fund to finance energy efficient lighting products and solutions to municipalities, corporations and other organizations.

      • Anka Funds Speaks on Green Building at UNC Kenan-Flagler's Sustainability Forum.

September 2009

      • Anka Funds invests in joint venture with a leading LED street light manufacturer to accelerate the distribution and installation of LED street and outdoor lights in the U.S. and abroad.

May 2009

      • Anka Funds invests in Environmental Designworks, an industrial design firm producing SinkPositive, a simple solution to retrofit bathrooms to conserve water, promote hygiene, enhance convenience, save space and prevent costly water leaks. Click here to view the Press Release.

      • Anka and Arks, Inc. form Anka Senior Living to construct assisted living facilities across underserved rural areas in Texas and the U.S.

      • Anka Funds executes strategic partnership with institutional capital partner to invest up to $50 million per transaction.

      • Anka in the News: "Wattstopper/LeGrand Helps GreenHome Use 50% Less Energy Than Most Homes" Anka Funds partners with lighting technology provider. Click here to view the document

March 2009

      • Anka Funds Judges Two-Day National Finals for the 2009 Sustainable Venture Capital Investment Competition.

      • Anka Funds Judges Finals for the 2009 Carolina Challenge entrepreneurial competition.

    • For additional archived Anka Funds news and history prior to March 2009, please contact the Company.

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