Residential Real Estate Dividend Funds

Anka manages three discretionary residential real estate dividend funds for investors, the Anka Residential Real Estate Dividend Fund I and Anka Residential Real Estate Dividend Fund II and Anka Residential Real Estate Dividend Fund III (the "Funds"). The Funds serve institutional and other investors who seek to participate in the aggressive and opportunistic acquisition of residential properties in attractive markets where the downside protection of monthly net rental income is combined with significant capital appreciation potential of already-built housing purchased at steep discounts to replacement costs. Anka enjoys strong, proprietary relationships with sources providing large volumes of attractive assets. The prevailing market disequilibrium has provided increased opportunity to acquire housing units at prices that are attractive when analyzed against replacement cost and other underwriting factors. The Funds fit within Anka’s investment thesis of purchasing fundamentally sound assets at a significant discount and in close proximity to metro areas with positive, long-term fundamentals. By offering all cash offers to sellers, a track-record of quick closings and leveraging the credibility Anka enjoys with lending institutions and other suppliers of its pipeline, Anka is able to capitalize on distressed sale opportunities in multifamily and single family situations that most large funds do not target and that smaller investors cannot pursue due to liquidity constraints.

Investors participate in a growing pool of assets acquired and managed by the Fund and receive regular dividends from cash flow. Investor capital is provided in installments over time as the Fund’s needs dictate.

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