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Anka Funds is an investment firm headquartered in Raleigh, NC focused on niche, underserved opportunities that produce strong returns for its stakeholders and have a positive social or environmental impact. Anka Funds' platform is currently comprised of the 1) Anka Residential Real Estate Dividend Fund I, Anka Residential Real Estate Dividend Fund II and

Anka Residential Real Estate Dividend Fund III which actively acquire, pool and manage attractive income-generating residential properties which produce dividends for Anka investors, 2) the Anka Sustainable Ventures Fund, which invests in the acceleration of companies with innovative products and technologies with central attributes that are environmentally or socially sustainable, 3) the Anka Real Estate Opportunity Fund, which invests in undercapitalized, challenged or governmentally prioritized real estate assets during times when the market is supportive of such strategies, and the U.S. Energy Efficient Lighting Fund, which combines turnkey funding and structuring expertise to catalyze large scale retrofits of LED lighting installations.

Anka has sourced and closed hundreds of separate transactions since its inception. The Principals of Anka have worked together since 2002, helping Cherokee Investment Partners and its affiliates invest opportunistically in, and sustainably manage distressed investments for, their various private equity funds totaling over $2 billion. The Principals of Anka have a long history working alongside mayors and other officials on redevelopment projects that incorporate sustainable elements and have deep, formalized relationships with various organizations of government officials. For both the real estate and ventures platform, Anka’s specialized expertise in accessing and structuring the public toolbox provide unique advantages. The Anka team has collectively worked on well over $10 billion of transactions across a wide array of industries.


History of Anka Real Estate Platform

The founding management team has worked together for years investing, advising and managing institutional private equity in environmentally sustainable, challenged, undercapitalized or distressed assets. On the real estate side, the team has repositioned assets in environmentally sustainable and financially sophisticated ways. Joining Cherokee Investment Partners in 2002 as part of a small handful of investment professionals deploying $250 million of capital primarily in middle market transactions, members of the team helped grow the Cherokee platform to over $2 billion of assets under management. As Cherokee raised its much larger funds, its investment focus migrated from middle market transactions requiring total equity capital of less than $25 million to larger transactions requiring significantly more capital. The team has worked extensively on both middle market and large transactions and believes lower and middle market transactions in the team’s targeted niche offer attractive, risk-adjusted returns. The team has specialized expertise in securing public partnership in a way that meaningfully enhances stakeholder returns for transactions where appropriate.

History of Anka Sustainable Ventures Platform

The Anka Sustainable Ventures platform was established as an outgrowth of the experiences of its principals in working with sustainable companies and innovations in a wide variety of capacities. Its principals have started, managed and invested in companies at the intersection of public-private benefit and have led a number of important sustainability initiatives aimed at transforming the way entire industries think about and conduct business. Through these experiences, its principals have worked with many earlier stage companies with attractive technologies and innovations, often assisting them on the strategic, operational and financial levels to help them take advantage of the untapped potential of migrating their products to more mainstream markets. The Anka Sustainable Ventures platform was established to formalize its involvement with these companies and create a vehicle for rapidly accelerating their growth based on a customized set of needs.

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