Mission and Philosophy

Anka's mission is to create positive outcomes for both our investors and the communities and stakeholders that are touched by our projects and companies.

Our investment philosophy is straightforward. We target transactions with significant upside potential but take a conservative approach with respect to making sure that our investors' capital and resources are protected in a downside situation. In doing so, we make sure that environmental responsibility, integrity and strong stakeholder relations are a vital part of everything we do. We set high standards for businesses in the area of environmental responsibility and believe that private entities can work in tandem with public institutions to reduce environmental impacts and efficiently accomplish both public and private objectives.

Our corporate philosophy is also straightforward. Anka believes that conducting business ethically and with integrity is vital to the success of the company. We are proud to steward the resources with which we are entrusted and embrace the role of fiduciary for our stakeholders. Our management team is constantly striving to uphold the highest professional standards, provide sound advice and align our interest with our partners. Our integrity builds trust and collaboration and creates a culture of openness and candor. Our reputation is our greatest asset and is molded by the way we act with partners, colleagues and the communities we serve. We strive not only to implement with our partners and stakeholders the best strategic decisions and investment of resources, but also aim to strengthen our relationships by promoting open communication. We value our stakeholders and understand that our business relationships provide us with important sources of proprietary investments.

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