Sustainable Ventures Fund Criteria

Anka assesses the overall suitability of sustainable investment opportunities based on the following criteria:

Early Stage

Anka primarily focuses on companies that are established, but have yet to attain significant revenues. Typically, they do not have a sufficient team or capital in place to manage growth.


Companies will currently have some level of revenues or sales contracts in place.

Differentiated Product or Service

The company owns a proprietary product or service that is highly differentiated from the current competition.

Market Opportunity

There must be a sizable, identifiable market that exists for the company's products or service.

Barriers to Entry

The company either has established barriers to entry, such as patents or exclusive agreements, or is planning to establish such barriers.


Entrepreneurs must have strong integrity, passion for their business, eagerness to pursue higher levels of growth, willingness to make personal sacrifice and a sensitivity to sustainable principles.


Companies are usually situated between initial start-up (angel and/or self-funding) and Series A round or have revenues robust enough to internally fuel some level of growth. Many times these companies fall outside Traditional VC guidelines for one or more reasons. Anka can remedy many different types of company roadblocks through a wide variety of different avenues.

Need and Desire for Anka Value-Add Services

A Prospective portfolio company has needs and would benefit materially from Anka investment services including strategic and financial guidance, coaching, networking and industry expertise. Management is flexible and welcoming of new perspectives.

Exit Strategy

A viable exit strategy exists for the firm including, but not limited to, strategic sale, joint-venture or partnerships.

Sustainability Focus

Anka focuses on economically sustainable businesses with some significant component that is environmentally and/or socially sustainable.


Although Anka will consider any attractive investment opportunity, our preference is to invest in companies in the Southeastern United States.


Anka considers investments in new prospective portfolio companies on a rolling basis. Please contact us at to discuss whether your venture might be appropriate for Anka’s investment criteria.

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