Richard B. Jackson, Managing Director

Mr. Jackson brings to the Anka Funds over 25 years of experience in the building and development, financing and sales of U.S. real estate. As a well-respected and recognized industry figure and "Life Director" of NAHB nationally, Mr. Jackson has taken his deep understanding of vertically integrated real estate development projects and has helped form an extensive national network of potential Anka operating partners, proprietary deal sourcing pipelines from lenders and correspondent lending institutions and future buyers of Anka assets. His feasibility work with some of the nation’s largest corporate builders also provides Anka expertise in project evaluation and alternative plans analysis, as well as strategic relationships with the top market analysts and research firms throughout the country. Prior to working with Anka, Mr. Jackson was the Senior Vice President of the National Builder Division of Countrywide Home Loans, heading up for five years the Southeast Builder Division and growing divisional builder fundings to $5 billion per annum. Prior to Countrywide, Mr. Jackson served as Executive Vice President of the Whistler Corporation developing communities and home sites for large corporate builders including Centex Homes, Pulte Homes and Beazer Homes. As well as serving on the Board of directors of NAHB, he is a past Trustee of the National Sales and Marketing Council and the Institute of Residential Marketing, and served on the Board of Governors of the Builder Marketing Society. Previously he has been named “Builder of the Year” and “Marketing Director of the Year” in the Raleigh area MAME Awards. He is a frequent national speaker at the largest real estate venues, has published numerous articles including having served as a magazine’s guest editor and has served as long-time judge at the MAME Awards (national and regional). His long term, professional relationships in the residential real estate industry throughout the U.S. are unparalleled, and this provides Anka enhanced strategic connectivity to local market leaders. Mr. Jackson is a graduate with a B.A. from East Carolina University and attended Lee Evans School of Builder Management, an affiliate of the University of Denver.

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