Rashmi Vembar, Associate

Rashmi Vembar is an Associate of the Anka Funds. Ms. Vembar, a software engineer, heads information technology at Anka Funds. Ms. Vembar has engineered software using traditional and agile methodologies for puzzle solvers, theorem provers, video game simulations, and assemblers in C, C++ and Java. She has developed e-commerce websites using HTML, CSS and Javascript and worked with databases using Oracle 10g and PL/SQL for student records for university clients and projects. She has worked on network topology simulations and coded various ciphers and security algorithms. Ms. Vembar has led web development for various organizations and previously worked with EntreLearn, which publishes entrepreneurial knowledge to those seeking business advice. Ms. Vembar took a lead effort in designing and developing a proof of concept user interface application using Web 2.0 standards and the Google Web Toolkit. With her career focus being software engineering and user interfaces, she is currently learning jQuery and jQuery UI. Ms. Vembar received a bachelors of engineering degree from Mumbai University and a Masters of Computer Science degree from North Carolina State University.

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